Counseling Help for students and parents

What will you get if you visit us for counseling?

World is full of options with huge number of campuses and courses globally, to get into these you need to qualify certain eligible test as IELTS,GRE,GMAT ETC . Once you have your test scores ready ,now you start for your options what to select ,which country to be selected , will your same test score is valid or eligible to select what level of course , is your course is accredited or not ,why your selected same course is accredited in one country but not in other country , multiple options , multiple suggestion etc.story never ends,

You need step into office and interact with our counselors who will look into your profiles and plan for your careers.

You have been to many consulting offices, you have enough information, and Again why you need to visit us ?

Information can be found by googliing any websites on web , or by visiting multiple consulting companies or can be obtained by making tele calls to few consulting companies, but are you satisfied with that information where you just find an email by consultants and display the list of universities and courses found in your inbox , few accurate fees details and few inaccurate fees details, Not sure still the admissions are open for intake or not ..and lot more which can be endless saga for your clarifications.


You have offer letter in hand and you have applied by your own resource, but you cannot avail any education loan or your selected course is black listed , you donno what to do next ?

Yes , Vision overseas is always a support advisor for all type of equiries , vision overseas helps students who has filed offer letter/1-20s by own resources and want further support , lack of information at your end about course fees , living cost and other financial information will result in rejection of your education loan , wrong selection of course which is black listed or any course which cannot be availed loans results in rejections of your education loans.

Vision team will assist you and makes you application, loans speed up and help you in entire process with minimal fees which can be affordable by any aspirant.

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